Some questions to get you thinking

  1. What does a ‘fair go” mean to you? 
  2. Are the values of a ‘fair go’ fundamental to being Australian? 
  3. Do you promote the principles of a ‘fair go’ in your work or in your relationships with other people? 

These questions are pivotal to the foundations of Digi Youth Theatre and the people that are part of it.  For Kate Zahnleiter, Head of Script Development for Digi Youth, a “fair go” means ensuring equality for all young people in Australia. She believes it means “a student not missing out on an opportunity simply because their background, location or personal circumstances doesn’t allow for it”. 

Kate’s words are echoed in the mission statement of the Fair Go Australia Foundation, Digi Youth’s biggest financial supporter in 2013. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that values equality and seeks to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged children in Australia. 

The creators of Digi Youth forged a strong relationship with the Fair Go Foundation many years ago through collaboration, assisting with events and supporting early projects like the Amazing Race Brisbane and Touch Football Championships in Brisbane. Their projects encourage reconciliation, interaction and personal growth and development for underprivileged children.   These admirable principles are fundamental to us as Australians and have helped Digi Youth dream big and aim high.  Through the Foundation’s support we have been able to secure the Powerhouse as our performance space,  and we thank the foundation every day for giving us a ‘fair go’

Finally, some words of wisdom from a man who promotes the principles of a ‘fair go’ in his work and relationships with other people every day; the Managing Director of Fair Go Australia, John Godwin. 

The first step in giving someone a ‘fair go’ is that they need to be given a voice.  They need to have a chance to explain their perspective and share their experiences and understandings.  Once we have a voice, we can be heard, we can feel included we can connect to others and build our community.”  

On why he is such a strong supporter of Digi Youth, he explained; “Digi Youth provides young men and women with a voice.  It provides them with the chance to express their feelings, experiences and perceptions for the world to getter a better understanding of them and how we can connect and improve their lives.

Thank you Fair Go Australia. 

By Eleanor Falkiner

Picture from Fair Go Australia Cup 2012

Picture from Fair Go Australia Cup 2012