DYA youth artist profile - Phi Sandy

photo - Louis Lim

photo - Louis Lim

 Name: Phi Sandy aka Golden Pony aka Captain of the Mighty Ducks.

Mob/identity: Mununjali & Yugambeh.

You might remember me from previous DYA projects such as: Nearly everything since February 2017 and that may or may not be because of a petty rivalry.

Fave song (this month): No-Alison Wonderland, she's one of my musical inspirations, plus she's an Aussie who is killing the charts in the EDM world.

You are stuck on a deserted island for a month, which 4 people from DYA do you take with you and why?: Emily because she is the reason I got involved with DYA & we're homies, Joella because we need someone to roast to stay sane. Declan because I don't spend enough time with him already, but he's okay & Jhindu because I think we'd actually survive with him, did you see him at Jungle Love Camping, he was next level with a mud carpet. Plus it'd probably open up another opportunity for Dec to panic and scream Jhindad again.

What events do you have coming up that you are looking forward to?: Well I haven't sewed my planner back together yet but I think Black Friday for Festival 2018 is looking pretty awesome. Come watch me not remember my lyrics.

Any advice for other First Nation's Youth: Look I'm probably not the one to give advice seeing as I spent most of my youth dressing up and staying in "character" 24/7 for 6 month periods at a time as a pirate (Pirate Peep) or Shania Twain. But what that's taught me is to embrace your quirks. It makes you more interesting.

Who should we profile next and why? Joella because I've known her for years and the world should know this talented lady.