2017 - here we come

Happy New Year from the DYA team. In 2017, we are super excited to share more art with you than ever before. With residencies at the Queensland Museum and La Boite Theatre Company DYA will proudly continue sharing the stories of the youngest of the generations of the oldest surviving and thriving culture in the world. 


cleverman by kyle dagley

I remember growing up as a little kid and hearing the stories of the dreaming. But there was always one that stuck out to me; the cleverman. This link between our physical world and the dreaming. Cleverman is the protector of us against all of the creatures that lurk in the shadows. So, when I binge watched all of the Cleverman series it was pretty surreal to see one of my favourite stories as a kid on mainstream TV. Some days it feels like the world is going backwards, but this representation reminds me of how far we have come, and how far we need to go.

 Koen, the new cleverman could almost be described as an Indigenous superhero. Feeling he is not worthy and having self-doubt within his mind. He tries to give his title away to his brother, Waruu. Although Waruu is a leader in the community, he has his own physiological issues in which he struggles to accept that Koen has become the newcleverman. After finally accepting the fact that he is the new cleverman, Koen tries to save their community by himself taking on one of the creatures of the dreaming. After failing to bring down this creature and restore balance he enlists the help of Waruu and their people to save their community.

 This just goes to show that no matter who you are black, white, hairy or even the cleverman, we all need help in this world and nothing can be done alone. It's not seen as weakness to ask for help but strength and courage. To work together as one we are stronger than anything.

These messages are important for everyone. But to see them told through black eyes, well that means everything to me. 

Cleverman out now on DVD and Blu-ray.