The Ancient Bloods

Photo: LaVonne Bobongie

The Ancient Bloods are an interchanging band that delivers music projects as part of Digi Youth Arts mentoring platform for Indigenous young people. With each project, The Ancient Bloods will deliver a recorded work adding to an anthology that responds to political issues, cultural heritage and identity.

For the unsettle project at the Queensland Museum, The Ancient Bloods are Declan Beetson, Gina Currie, Stephanie Evans, Rudy Marshal-McGrath and Phi Sandy; joined by their non-Indigenous brother Fin Marx-Wegener. They were mentored by Luke Daniel Peacock. ‘Golden Veins’ is their response to cultural heritage collections, anthropology and the issue of repatriation in museums. Between 1870 and 1970, the remains of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (also known as Ancestral Remains) were collected by Queensland Museum, other institutions and individuals. Although the Queensland Museum has been returning sensitive cultural material since the early 1990s, hundreds of ancestors still need to return home. The album ‘Golden Veins’ calls for change whilst recognising the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have already played an important role in sending our ancestors home.  

The next iteration of The Ancient Bloods (as part of our where we stand project) kicks off in February 2019. If you are a young Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person living in and around Brisbane, and would like to create an album please let us know via the online form below. (Our funding includes artist fees you The Ancient Bloods as well).

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